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My Dad's 63 Z code 427 Convertible

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This is my second post, seems the first post didn't go through, so if it's a duplicate, I apologize.

This is my dad's car, he passed away earlier this year, I was able to buy it from mom. Dad had bought it decades ago, had a 427 built, balanced, blue printed, drove it for a short while. I guess the headlights popped off, and he sidelined the car. I have tried to help him get re-motivated on it throughout the years, we would start it up a few times a year, then I would push to take it out for a spin, but he just didn't want to, I guess his failing condition over the years took out his motivation. Anyway, my plan is to finish it for him, and drive it for him. We are a family of FORD classic cars, including a 70 Boss 302, 69 Mach 1, 65 K code Fastback, and a few others.

It'll need a lot of parts, and labor, and I'm sure I'm going to have a lot of questions along the way. This is how I picked it up. I did put a battery in it and it fired right up, although it's running rough, I'm sure a good tune up, new fluids, a few adjustments, find out about the headlights, and get her going. Then just cosmetics........

Thanks for looking.

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hope that wasnt really old gas in it
New gas tank and fuel back in October, so not too old. I plan on adding 5 gals of fresh fuel.
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