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That little 40 over 200/6 from the '70 Mav I ported a tiny bit and dumped into the Falcon will lay up to 60' of rubber! up to 30 feet of it is with BOTH wheels! (that's WITHOUT BRAKES and a 3 on the tree!) and I sort of bent my push rods and maybe even some valves doing it the third or 4th time...
#6 intake
#5 intake
#4 intake
#2 intake
#2 Exhaust push rods
They were all bent yesterday morning after I went to start it.
I went to a buddies house and wasted some 20 year old tires... It drove fine on the way home though... Then sounded like I lost the timing chain the next morning when I tried to start it up.... Only one working cylindar...
That's fine because even if I did bend the valves a complete list of parts necessary to replace all the valves and the gaskets comes up to $116 Bucks! No problem....

And then...... I went to a Yard Sale on Saturday.... See my post in the Mustang Pages for Details....

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