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I decided to experiment with my carb. I went up a couple on the secondary jets thinking maybe it is leaning out on the top end. Due to a blown tranny in my truck, an electrical disaster and now trees falling on my fracken shop I have not had the spare cash to get a wide band for my fracken car. Those deals have set my automotive projects back by 6 months.

Anyway, now when I rev it up sitting still it is actually stumbling or studdering. I guess I should hook my vaccum gauge back up so I can look at it but I don't think the power valve is open sitting still. I have no place to go right now to do an actual pull and try it under load. I did also change to a 4.5 power valve from a 3.5. Something else that might be affecting this is that I'm running 50/50 LL100 and 93 gas in the car now. I guess that is a bit heavier fuel and may have affected the jets too. The engine appears to be responding well to the fuel because it cranks easier with it, settles into a better idle sooner and rev's fine up until the stumble hits.

I think I will try going the other way on this and see what happens.
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