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I'm recovering after having some major surgery earlier in the Summer, and thought I'd take a couple days and go visit my Dad in NC.
In need of a bit of adventure, I thought it would be cool to drive the '65 Galaxie. It's about 700 miles from my house in NY state to my dads house.
Loaded up the trunk (gotta love a car with a real trunk!) and set off on my way last Tuesday at about 4:00 am.
The car ran flawlessly, got lots of thumbs ups and had an enjoyable ride.
While in NC played some golf and even got to the beach (75 degrees outside).
Was back on the road heading home on Sunday morning.
All went well untill I was almost out of NC, right outside of Roanoke Rapids.
It was then I noticed the coolant temp rising rapidly(glad I installed the aftermarket gauges) and looking in my rear view mirror, seeing some steam flowing behind!
I pulled off the shoulder and popped the hood to be greeted by a rush of steam coming from the water pump area.
After some investigating I found that the gasket where the water pump mounts to the block had sprung a leak.
Not too much I could do at that point.
Luckily my cell phone had good service, so I called AAA. They came with a flatbed and took me to a Firestone dealership in Roanoke Rapids that was open all day on Sunday.
We decided that since the labor to completely remove the water pump and just replace the gasket was the same as for replacing the pump with a new one, that I may as well get a new pump.
Amazingly, the local parts store had one in stock!
By the end of the day I was back in bussiness.
Since it was late in the day, I decided to get dinner and stay over night and get an early start the next day.
The car ran great the rest of the way, and I made it home
in time for dinner on Monday night.
Overall, the car was a lot of fun to drive, I just wish I had an overdrive tranny. Even with 3.00 gears, I would have liked to lower the RPMs a bit at highway speeds. I know the lower profile tires on my Bullitt rims didn't help in that respect.
All in all, I'd do it again.

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