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My Mustang is not charging..plz help

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HEY MustangII Fans.and FM is the deal...The v6 was taken out and a 302 installed...all system were GO...While driving the car for a few hours the system was not charging and finally ran the battery dead. I put on a new ALT, Voltage Reg, and Battery and used a volts meter and still not charging. Rewired everything as far as I could tell from a Chiltens Manual and tested it again and still no charge. Tested the Voltage reg and ALT and they were dead so went out and bought another ALT and Volts Reg and installed them and still no I doing something wrong? Any other things to consider? All wiring looks plz
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First, you will need a wiring schematic on the system as well as your car. Follow and test each wiring circuit to eliminate problems. When all else fails, install a 1 wire late model G-3 Alt and away you go! besides they have 130 amp of pure power.
I already suggested the one wire app. on the other post... But he's got a LOT of new parts that are unreturnable.... Unless they're still spotless....

I believe you need to have power TO the "field" terminal on the alt or it will not charge ...

The wiring harness should be providing that, but if it's not you should be able to jump 12 volts to the terminal and determine if the alt is good or not ...

If you jump the 12 volts to the "field terminal" and the alt charges then you know where your problem is ...

Anyone here please feel free to correct me if that's Bad Info.
jump 12 volts to the field wire & if the alternator runs wide open then you know the problem lies in your regulator & related wiring.
It SHOULD be working fine if the charging system was working FINE before the engine swap. If you are twisting the same alternator wired up the same way as before then it should work... if the starter wiring is diffrent you might want to look at the diffrences between the 2 systems in a chilton or something, and you may find that you only have a broken or not hookes up chunk of wire...

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