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I have finally unwound from the trip to the dyno shop and will post my sheet for all to see.

Before the run, I told myself that if I could get some decent torque (270+) I'd be happy. I did that and more. I received an email from someone suggesting the #'s I posted earlier were not all that great. I suggested he check out the Jan 99 and Jun 99 issues of Mustang & Fords. Some of you may remember that they did a Mustang dyno shootout. I think we were all surprised at the results the participants came up with. If you check those tests you will see that my #'s are as good or better than what they were able to get to the rear wheels. We can brag about all the power we have, but until you have a printout in your hand, it's all benchracing to me.

Dyno sheet

Club Photo wouldn't let me link the HR pic. Even after I subscribed to a Gold membership for 24.95. The pricks!

Anyway, sorry for the poor quality. If anyone is interested, I'll email a better printout to you.


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