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I sanded, primed and painted all the interior pieces and the doors.
Painted and installed door hinges with new kits.
New stainless interior screw kit(3 quarters of a gazillion screws).
New firewall pad, underlayment, carpet and carpeted the kick panels.
New 66 Shelby rear shelf(with the proper oak backing board).
New windshield and rear view day/nite mirror.
Painted the dash black and silver and deleted the dash pad.
Radio delete, custom led indicator lights.
New instrument panel.
Restored my glove box door, new box and led light.
All led interior lighting.
New quarter panel lights with led bulbs.
Made my own rear seat latch cover and wrinkle painted it.
New B & M plate shifter. Home made aluminum base plate.
New Grant leather steering wheel.
New custom silver/black stitched door panels and seat covers.
I restored both seat frames.
New seat belts.
Installed a new head liner and windlace.
I welded in short tubes and relocated the louvre drains from the rockers.
Whatever else I forgot.
It was a lot more work than I expected when I started.
I shot this inside my shop with not much for light. It actually does look nice.

Saving up for fiberglass parts and I need to install the new valve springs and a trip to the local rear wheel dyno is planned.

If you look closely right toward the end you might catch a glimps of my 351 Cleveland on a stand. This is a fresh .030 over forged flat tops short block waiting on me. That other funky blue looking thing with mustang tail lights is one of my other projects. It is going to be a turbo air cooled VW street/strip buggy if I ever get it finished. Alls I need is more time and money.

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I live alone, kids are all grown and gone. My passenger seat hardly sees any use so the shelf works great for me. It is a bit of a hassle though. I can't get to the shock mounts, any wires under there or anything else I might need to get to without taking it out. It is a bear to take out. I think I might have to remove 1 or possibly both seats to get it out of the car now.
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