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Need another part I can't find!

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Does anybody have (or can anybody get) the plugs that go into the holes shown in the pics. I don't know if they are plastic or rubber, but I've checked at the dealer and at junk yards. I guess they put them in 86 and later Mustangs when they went away from carbs.

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Well...... There are about Eight Thousand Holes... which one's are you referring to? He he he he he.... Looks like a home fab job to me...
I know... why do they put all those holes there??

But I'm talking about the two BIG round holes...

And the plugs do exist... just can't find them.

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McMaster Carr has finishing plugs that may work

Or call my buddy Jeff

Up here in Canader but he's scrapped a billion Fox cars and keeps damn near everything to sell.

I don't know if there are plugs for those holes. As you probably already know. they are there as a part of the air cleaner snorkle routing. I don't think Ford had an Air cleaner delete option. They swapped them around a few times from the drivers side where they were on some early Fox bodies to the passenger side...then back again.

I have seen some big plastic plugs (5 or 6in dia), but I can't remember where right now. Something like that might fit and cover the hole. It might be for something like an exhaust vent cover for range hood or furnance I said, I'm not sure.
I only want to cover the BIG holes, when looking at the engine compartment, all those little holes are barely noticeable, but the big holes are.

CaptVirgilHilts... thanks, I'll send him an email.

Beoweolf... they do make plugs (or covers) for them. I've seen them on cars at car shows and the people tell me they were stock. The dealer shows them, but they are discontinued.
I put 3 fuel lines and a regulator in my hole.
On 2006-02-21 14:33, fogged408w wrote:
I put 3 fuel lines and a regulator in my hole.
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WOW! Thats a pinch more info then we needed fogged!!!

Man thats gotta hurt!
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What about doing some body work to them.......patch, putty and paint?
You could make it look as if they were never there.
Yeah, I've seen those before too. In fact, I "think" my '88GT might have them.
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