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I've got a '68 Fairlane, weights in at 3700 with me in it.
So far with a decent 302 everything is holding together fine, but there will soon be a stroked 351W in there pushing 475 ft lbs of torque.

If the C4 trans. doesn't let loose I have a feeling the U-Joints will. There are two U-Joint sizes listed for my car, I have the smaller of the two but even the bigger size doesn't look that tough and if I have to change the ends of the driveshaft and rear yoke I might as well put something really good in there right? It's got a new 8" posi rear in it and a 1968 C4 trans.

I'm only running 255/60/16 street tires so traction won't be all that great, just wondering what my best options are for putting in better joints?
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