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Ok heres whats going on the car is an 89 Lx coupe with a 5.0 (carbed) last night im leaving and the car dies on the highway.I traced it back to being the fuel pump.So i got to looking and seen i didnt have any power to the pump.Well it turns out i have no turn signals either.For some reason when you turn the key to the run position it doesnt get power to some things.But the radio will turn on as does the tach and a few other accesories that are keyed on with the ignition in the run position.Also sometimes here recently ive been having to jiggle the key to get it to power everything up.

But the turn signals,and gauges do not come on with the key on.Could this be an ignition switch or lock cylinder or both?Any help you guys can give will be appreciated.Especially since tuesday i have to go to FT.KNOX and this has to make it there.Thanks.

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