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Need help with Grenada disc swap on my \'66

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Hey guys! I'm a newbie to this forum, but an old hot rodder. I recently bought a '66 Fairlane hardtop. The first project was to update the brakes, so I bought this nifty all-in-one Grenada disc swap kit off ebay. Everything was clean, new, or remanufactured, and the job went smooth as glass until I realized the stock outer tie rod ends had too small a diameter to properly fit the new spindles. So here's the question. The kit came with short Grenada tie rod ends, but my '66 has VERY long outer tie rod ends. I spent 2 hours at the local parts store trying to hack parts together to fit the spindles and connect to my stock inner tie rod ends, with absolutely no joy. Apparently the Grenada ends are the right length to screw right into the adjusting collar on a '67, but I'm kinda stuck on my oddball '66. The cruise-ins are screaming my name, and I'm jonesing to get her on the road. Any sage words of advice from the Fairlane veterans would be forever appreciated. Adam
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try for tie rod adapters if you must use those brakes. i have the same car and took the granada spindles off due to the fact that you cant align em.
good luck...the first two links are must reads^

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Excellent links, and all good info. I'm well into collecting all the parts to install the Fat Man Fab strut suspension and rack & pinion steering kit, with SSB 13" rotors and 4 piston calipers on '98 Mustang spindles and hubs. The Grenada setup was a temporary measure so I could drive (safely) through this summer. When the cold hits again, I'll be tearing out the front and rear suspensions, and dropping in a 427 small block Windsor with a Tremec T-5. I'll also weld in a new passenger side floorpan and subframe connectors.

The adapter bushings from mustangsteve should do exactly what I need, for now. Thanks a million, cowboy.

BTW, anybody interested in buying a slightly used set of Grenada spindles and brakes, all pre-assembled and tested, around this time next year...drop me a PM.
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