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As some of you already know, I will be getting started very soon on my plans for “project sleeper”. I have 2 scenarios that I want to run by all of you and would like comments on which one would be best to go with AFA the 351W engine that will be going into my Granada. Remember that I have the 77 parts car with a 351W, C4 and everything to do the swap. The parts car is running and the engine works perfectly. The 2 scenarios concern the first stage of my project, which is to get the V8 and everything needed into my 78 car and running.

Scenario 1: The tranny will be completely overhauled (already have the rebuilt kit and shift kit). The V8 comes out of the parts car and gets dropped into my 78 car. The exhaust system will be done (1 ¾” LT’s with dual exhaust, 3 in. pipes thru mufflers out the back, have the headers now also) for when the big motor (the one which I will be doing with the Canfields) goes in. I will be ditching the 2 bbl. Carb and cast iron intake manifold and going with an alum. dual plane with a Holley 650 DP (given free by my friend). Notice that with the exception of the headers and intake setup the engine will be untouched (no cam swap or head work).

How do you all feel about this setup for my stage 1? Obviously the tranny and exhaust will be carried over for my stage 2 setup. Do you all think scenario 1 would be good for all around driving and mild racing at the strip? BTW my friend was by on the weekend and I had him go nuts with the parts car up my street (remember this car has a 2 bbl with heavy cast iron ex. manifolds running thru a single ex. system with a cat and he had no problems laying down a one wheel peel for 15 ft or so when he punched it). The car literally took off. Freeing up the intake and ex. with scenario 1 would really wake up my stk. motor.

Scenario 2 involves building a short block to my stage 2 specs. but not putting the Canfields on yet but using the shortblock with stock heads (reconditioned, probably off the parts car) until I’m ready to get the proper intake setup and cam to install into my already done shortblock with the Canfields. This way I won’t have to pull the motor again when stage 2 is ready. The shortblock will already be in the 78 car. So all I have to do is install the cam, canfield heads and intake setup and voila, stage 2 is ready to rock. The ex. system and the tranny will be already there (although a torque convertor swap will be needed.

I am leaning towards scenario1 right now but if you were I what would you do?
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