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need to run a new fuel line any good ideas

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i have a 89 mustang lx 5.0. the guy i bought the car from put it in the ditch and crushed the fuel line thats runs to the fuel filter. the car runs ok but when the tank is 1/4 left and in a hard corner it will die.this winter i installed a cobra intake and a b303 cam 24lb injectors adjustable regulator and gauge c&l mas.i havnt got it put all together yet.but i was wondering if i should put a stock prebent fuel line on it from 5.0 resto.or run a new an fitting fuel line from the tank to the fuel rail? any suggestions thanks
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easiest would be to replace it with a stock piece. More challanging would be to plumb in some AM line, but that can get complicated in terms of fittings and adapting stock EFI ends.
i would just replace were its crushed at. easy and cheap
You could try to splice a piece of brake line and use compression fittings but you would need to check for leaks. I saw where another guy used hgh pressure flex line.
My '88 dies during hard right-hand corners when the tank is low and I don't have any crushed fuel lines. I think it's Ford flaw from the factory.
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