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I have converted my Granada from a column shifter to a stock floor shift for the stock C-4.

I'm new at this scrounging game, so when I took the shifter from a Granada in the wrecking yard, I didn't grab all of the parts I needed to make the swap. I took the neutral safety/backup light switch, but I should have also grabbed the steering column, and a few other the time I realized this, the car had been crushed

I managed to put the shifter in, but I haven't hooked up the NSS/backup switch yet.
I am wondering if I can splice into the wires on the NSS/ignition switches on the steering column, wire them into a plug, and hook it up that way. The switch I took off the donor car is the type that mounts on the manual shift lever on the transmission.

I do keep looking for another donor car, but two-door Granadas are rare, and two-door models with a floor shifter are even rarer...the majority in the wrecking yards are the four door "Road Queen Family Truckster" variety!

Any brilliant ideas from the Fordmuscle brain trust will be gratefully received!
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