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1972 Torino OEM Parts needed:

Heavy duty front sway bar 1.2” dia. Police or sport with bushings and hardware if available.
Body cut-out of upper trunk drip tray/rail under trunk seal, from formal roof donor car, full length of trunk top opening; have image if needed.
Dual exhaust H-pipe, mufflers, tail pipes for 351c, need hardware (screws etc.) too. Used is good if patchable/repairable.
OEM dual exhaust hangers for the left and right side muffler D2OZ-5260-A.
OEM tail pipe hangers, left and right side, they may be identical.
Pair of OEM style chrome dual exhaust tips.
1973 Gran Torino black rear bumper ribbed pad D3OZ-17C830-B, approx. 2’ long 4” wide.
1973 Gran Torino rear bumper guards
License plate bracket/gas filler door/cover with spring, metal or plastic prefer metal, stamped D2OB-13381-AA or equivalent.
“Gran Torino Sport” trunk lock cover decorative invert that fits into swing plate.
Oval front plastic grill surround.
Semi-oval front grill edge chrome trim piece.
Driver and passenger side window trim/drip rail for a non-vinyl roof ’72 Torino two-door.
Front door arm rests for sport interior in ginger or tobacco/brown

Other parts needed:
15”x7” ford steel wheels to fit mustang, Will buy one, two, may even take a set of four.
Dog dish hub caps and trim rings for the above 15” steel wheels
14 or 15” x 8” vintage Appliance chrome steel wheels 5 on 4.5” pattern (Ford).
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