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New 408w

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Hi,new to the forums,but have enjoyed reading them.Was wondering about alittle info i can get from someone.

I have a 71 mav 2950lbs with me in it.
408w race short block from ohio crankshaft.
all forged 4340,crank, rods, srp pistons.
supposed to be 11.7 to 1 comp.
world product sr heads,with work.bowl blended,3 way valve jod and ported . 64cc i think
victor jr intake
comp cams 35-624-5 cam 246/250 at .50 thou .584/592 lift 106 deg cam is solid lift
have a 750 holley hp right now but going to put a 950hp on it soon
pa super comp c-4
pa 4500 stall
457 gears, all strange rear end
32x14x15 MT slicks
anyone have any idea what the rear wheel hp wil be and what it will run in the 1/4 mile with the 750 hp on it vs the 950hp? i know the 950 will put out more horse but wondering what to expect when i run the 750 till i can get the 950.
thanks for any info u can give.
also the cam range says 3000 to 7000. where should i shift at with this cam?or launch?

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Can someone help me out?Even a good guess would be fine.Cant seem to get anyone to come up with anything.Plenty of people looking at the post but no one will even take a guess.
500rwhp maybe? low 11s might be a good starting point. just quessing on it but sounds good.
I ran 11.30's @ 115 mph with a stock bottom half,8.5 to l dish pistons.All the same upper half as above .Ran a ford x303 cam.I would think a 408w race short block with a 950hp on it would run better than my other stock short block with the 750hp on it.Also cam is huge compared to the x303 cam.thanks for reply.
Once you get it dialed in you should be in the 10s easy I'd say.

I have a similar setup and expect to run 10s.

I should think around 500 to the wheels is possible, but it'll be tough to see on a dyno with that converter.

I've got a Pro-Systems carb that is probably in the 800+cfm range.
You are going to need a carb bigger then a 750.I also think it should run 10's.
Thanks for reply.
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I believe you'll do very well but the heads will hold you back from the engines true potential.
I think 10s also but what high middle or low?I hope low 10s with a 950hp on it.Thats what im shooting for anyway.I know the heads will hold it back some but dont want to run 9s till next year

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I think those tires are going to slow you down. The narrowest tire that will get the job done will be fastest, and there are plenty of guys running in the 10's and 9's on 10" of tread.
My buddys got a Maverick pretty simular
ported Dart SRs
comp 250/254 106 lsa .600 lift solid flat tappet
C4 /4000 edge convertor
4.57 gears

We have tried 750vs, 750dp, 800dp 850dp carbs
and RPM intake and Victor JR intakes

The quickest it run 1/8 mile was 6.70 with the RPM and a 1/4 spacer with a 750 dp carb shifting at 6800

The Victor JR 60fted as good as the RPM but didn't run any faster or MPH any better. All of the combinations were only about .05 apart.

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There has been some changes to my setup.Got a 950hp holley, also got a set of victor jr heads.Comp. is 13 to 1.As far as the guy saying my tires are to big,Im a bracket racer,racing for money and points so with my tires i get concistant 60 foots not to mention e.t. s.Yes i know guys that run 9 or 10 in. tires in the 9s or 10s, but they are also the ones i put on the trailer every week cause they hook up one run and not the next. My car is set up perfect from rear to front for racing,not the street.
Have you raced it sence the head and carb change?
I'm courous to see how much it picked up.

I'm about to step up from a 393 to a Victor JR headed 425.
Selling the world sr heads. They have titanium retainers,bowl work.3 angle valve job and have been ported some. Deck has been cleaned up with a .010 mill on surface. Good double springs set up for .600 lift flat tappet. Have been checked for cracks or holes. Real good set for $600 plus shipping.My car ran 12.0's at 109, when i put these on with no other change it went 11.40 at 115.
Not raced yet. This friday going to test n tune as long as it don't rain.
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