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I traded my Mazda 3S in on this last week. I enjoyed the Mazda, the wife loved it but I have always wanted a Mustang GT. I stumbled across this one and could not resist. These are the dealer pictures so they are not the best I will have more soon.
2003 with only 8,500 miles
Tinted windows
Added silver panels in the interior
Mach I chin spoiler
5 Speed
Pedals have been upgraded
Nice wheels
Borla cat back exhaust (wish it was a two chamber flowmaster system)

Future Plans:
New shifter knob – on order (leather with brushed aluminum shift pattern on top)
New Shifter Pro 5.0 – on order
BBK progressive rate lowering springs – hopefully by the end of month
Sub-frame connectors – as soon as I get to work and make them
Driveshaft Safety loop – will do same time as sub-frame
Engine plans – not sure yet still reading have never touched a 4.6 before.
Headers (shorty or long tube not sure)
Cold air kit

This is going to be my daily driver so I am not going to go to crazy. (famous last words)

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