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New front coils, why so stiff?

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I realize that new coils have to settle but comeon now. I have had them in since 2003 or early 2004 with the weight of a big block and tranny and now a year with the body and I don't think my suspension is settling. I got some coils from a local shop that are for the car with a big block and were hard as hell putting in. I also have Lakewood 70/30 shocks. My spindle is 78 thunderchicken's and have yet to have it aligned etc. Should I be expecting this to remain or what. The only bounce is in the tires, that I can tell. Any help or suggestions?
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I have the same problem with the ebay springs I put in my 65 country squire,they have been in over a yaer and did not settle as much as I liked so its time to come out and get cut. Jeff
Did either of you rebuild the entire front suspension when the new springs went in?
Sure did, used new rubber in the arms, new everything pretty much. Did use the original offset shaft, and other hardware. I didn't use any insulator on the top of the springs a) because the new one's I got were split (1 was) and b) because the others I got at the spring shop were about 1-1.5" thick and made of plastic it seemed. What tips do you guys have proving important when rebuilding the suspension?
The front on my country squire was completely rebuilt but I think the problem with the springs I got was they were laying around for many years making settling difficult due to them not being compressed for that long if thats possible or I got the wron springs. Jeff
I'm takin mine to another spring shop and see what Dan says. He'll lay it out for me. Just hope that it can be resolved. Right now, my upper A arms have no shims, and the lower I think is ok, but of coarse will make sure before she sees the road.
Do you guys think the 70/30 lakewood shocks would keep the front end perched up like that?
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