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New Guy from Oklahoma

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Hi everyone. I've been playing with Fords for years, but I'm just now joining this forum. Right now my current Ford is a '57 F100 with a mild 289/C4 combo that came out of a '66 Falcon. I've got a Mustang II front end and flipped rear axle. It just took a hit in a tornado about two weeks ago and is going to need a windshield and some paint and body work, but it didn't sustain any major damage. Over the years I've had a couple of Mustangs (one was a 68 Fastback that's my "one that got away" story.) I've also had 5 Ford trucks before the '57. I'm currently working on getting a 72 F100 and a '63 Fairlane. The Fairlane is a 63 500 bone stock with the exception of a set of Cragars. I'm hoping to make that my daily driver. Anyway, enough of my babbling. Here are some pics of the 57 and the Fairlane.


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