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Hey all!!!

New to the forum, not new to Fords. My first ride was a 77' T-bird and I did all that a young single HS student/Sailor could to that car before the scent of perfume became more enticing than the smell of gas fumes. Now that I am older and questionably wiser I have a new mistress, her name is Midnight. She is long, sleek, curvy in all the right places, throaty when she talks and has a decided affinity to plant her ass and GIT!!!!


She's a 1977 Ranchero 500, murdered out in gloss black. She looks good from 20' and I'm OK with that for now. I'll be looking to do some upgrades on the motor and trans as well as a few other bits. My intention is a bomb proof, reliable cruiser. Currently she has a 351W, FMX Trans, 3.73 gears out back in a 9" (supposedly a LS diff but I have yet to light both tires. The upper end of the motor has been massaged a bit with World Jr. Heads w/ 58cc chambers, a mils Comp Cams 260H cam, Street Warrior 650 CFM Holley and an MSD 6A Ignition box and Billet Dizy. I'm looking to do some interior upgrades and in the long run stroke her to 408 and drop a T-5 or T-56 in behind as well as add AC to keep the cruises comfy. Looking for ward to some insights, info and ideas and will share what I can.


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