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Hi Everyone,

I have a '60 Falcon Wagon that I'm ready to get started on. My last project was a '68 Mustang restomod built to a Trans-Am race car theme.

For the Falcon Wagon I've got the following plans:

- Heidt's Mustang II front end with manual R&P
- EPAS steering
- 331 stroker
- 8.8" rear end w/ disc brakes
- AOD Tranny
- Maybe electric A/C if I can find someone that has successfully installed it and made it work.

I am a huge fan of clean engine bays, that's why I'm going with EPAS steering to eliminate the PS pump and an electric A/C compressor hidden somewhere outside of the engine bay.

Should be a really nice cruiser and fun car. Any thoughts or input on my plans are welcome.

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