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installing a running 90lx motor into 89 Gt, using engine harness from motor connected to harness in car.
-40 psi on fuel rail
-with spare injector plugged into harness in bowl of water it open, also power at red wire on injector
- changed filter
-cleaned old fuel out of tank
- spray throttle body cleaner into MAF it will fire

- double checked firing order, timing
- good spark at plugs
- MAF ohms out oK, power at MAF
- compression is good
- ground between chassis-batt, harness-block,

one thing is the plugs never look wet,
What am I overlooking? and where to go next
I dont have belt or any exhaust hooked up but why should it matter

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do you have the injectors hooked to the right plug?

if it starts when you spray cleaner in the intake then it is def a fuel issue are the injectors pulsing did you try a noid test?

does it hold fuel pressure when you crank it ?

check all vac lines .
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