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the Aussie guy's did it again , a new intake for the Cleveland head engines. Scott Cook design.
Casting will be able to machined for oem 4V and after market raised port heads . plus Dom. 4500 and 4150 option , 9.2 or 9.5 blocks
mid year it should be available. no price yet, most likely will be on the high end side.

old thread about bring back the 4V Holley Dominator intake . the question was why bring back yesterday (70's tech)
looks like Scott C thought 2K+ was the answer.

OK guy's with bad a$$ Clevelands , time to break the piggy bank and turn that C into a killer

I can't do links--can be seen on.......
yellow bullit tech section / n/a's carb & intakes show and tell . page 63
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