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new police tactics?

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Good for the COP!!! Freakin' [email protected] bastard had it coming!! His mom should spank his butt when he gets home and his dad should pound him into the ground then make him crawl to the cop and apologize! Smart a** college boy punk.
Two words:DUMB ASS
I've seen that before and Im pretty sure its fake.
Yeah I think it's fake too. Either the guys have a friend who is dressed as a cop, or they have a friend who IS a cop.

Fake or not, it's still funny to watch.

BTW Can you guess what they are driving?
I think it's fake too. This is why I'm not a policeman. I'd wind up in jail myself. I have no clue what car they were driving.
I think its probably fake too,but I do think if it is real the cop has a right to defend himself in this situation.

The cop didnt know what that a-hole was up too,coming out of a car and walking up kinda fast twords the cop?

I would have whooped that jag off too!
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This little clip kinda reminds me of something I had to deal with?

Back in 1995 I attended 10 weeks at the police academy.

We did all sorts of cool stuff!

We covered alot of stuff with self defense and judgement calls of "shoot or no shoot" using the F.A.T.S.(fire arms training system)simulator.

All the class had turns and training on the "simulated" situations,I had one with a guy fighting with his wife in a parking lot.

The simulation was surprisingly real feeling,I was even kind of nervous?

The situation I was practicing on lead to the guy pulling a gun and firing at me,I fired back 4 times killing him.

The first shot hit him right in the hands,the second in the chest,and the third in the stomach,the fourth one missed him.

I couldnt believe at that time I was "opening fire" on this guy like I did?

I thought I was only going to shoot maybe one or two times if at all in my simulation?

Well,when the simulation was over we had to stop and discuss the outcome to see if the student took the right action.

It was justified to shoot in my case,and the captian said it was justified to "open fire" and keep shooting as long as the guy was still coming twords me.

I did the right thing in my case,but here is what another student had for a simulation that day.

His was a mental case subject that was causing a disturbance at a hospital.

She was sitting on the ground and had a big butcher knife in her hand.

She was about 15 feet from the officer,and not really responding to his orders.

After about 2 minutes she stood up and threw the knife at the cop!

The student in this simulation also fired at her at hit her in the chest.

After it was over we all talked and had different opinions about the outcome.

I said I dont think I would have shot in that case,I probably would have used OC spray instead?

But the student said he felt threatend by the thrown knife and felt he was jusified in shooting her?

The Captian said that was justified to shoot in that case becasue the cop felt like his life was at risk?

I said yes,but she didnt throw the knife very hard at him,and the student said "yes but how do I know if she didnt work for the circus or something like that?

We all laughed!

But the Captain pointed out,by the time you would have figured out she didnt throw very hard,you would have had a knife in your chest if she did throw it hard!

It all has to do with if your feeling endangered as to the response?
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