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new sway bar

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I just got a new Addco 1" front swaybar for my 1968 Cougar (basically same as a mustang). The previous owner removed the original sway bar for drag racing. Also there are new lower control arms on the car too.

It looks like the bushings do not fit properly in the hole in the control arm, they are loose and not properly seated. Looks like there should be a part called a "seat" for the bushing to properly seat. I see this part (3042) in the 1968 Cougar shop manual on page 3-19, but not on my control arms. The instructions with the sway bar says that some of the hardware from the original must be used. I assume that this is one of those parts along with the bolts/nuts for the brackets.

I have looked online and cannot find this "seat" anywhere at mustangsplus etc.

Does anybody know where I can obtain these "seats"

Also for the bracket bolts/nuts that are missing, I could just get them at a hardware store. Any particular grade bolt that I should be using on these ?
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I think my '67 has it's original control arms I'll take a look tomorrow as I torched the old end links off but the lower half is still on the control arm. The '67 manual shows those "seats" too but the replacement lower control arms seem to have the "seat" built in. I won't need them as I have new arms coming soon and if they are there you can have them. Stu
I just checked mine. The seats are part of the LCA on mine and they are supposedly original but I cannot confirm this. Like Scott said I think it's just a matter of torqueing them down. As for bolts for the frame mounts, they aren't anything special originally but you could go for better grade bolts if you desire. Stu
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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