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Hello everyone,

Recently bought a '74 gran torino elite and wanted to post a couple of pics. I really dig this car, its in great shape. Its pretty much all stock, has the 351W engine. I'll be using it as my week-end cruiser.
I would like to improve the performance/economy a bit. I was thinking the first thing I would do is upgrade to a dual exhaust. I'm still researching that, not sure if I need an x-pipe or h-pipe or whatnot. I don't think I will replace the exhaust manifolds with headers. The stock ones are in good shape, so I see no reason to replace them. Also, I was looking through the Summit catalog that my friend gave me, and did not see a pair of headers that would fit a 74 GT. Everything listed in the catalog was for up to 1973. Anyway, I plan on having a dual exhaust installed, and probably the next thing would be to upgrade the carb. It has a stock 2barrel on it now, will go with a 4-barrel. I've heard a lot of good things with the holley carbs, so may go with that, but still researching what's out there.
Any experience with dual exhaust out there? I see there are 2 1/4, 2 1/2, and 3 inch sizes out there. Any advice on what works well with a 351W? Does anyone know of a good exhaust shop in the Philadelphia area? I'm sure they could tell me what would work best.
The car is not perfect, it has its small problems. The gas gauge is very inaccurate, and the temperature gauge no longer works. The transmission takes a few minutes to warm up, but that's not really a big deal for a casual driver.
The photos are from the ad, I don't have a digital camera. The car does not have those thin tires on them. He was selling them with both the big rims and the stock rims. He agreed to drop the price if I just got the stock rims, so I went that route. The car now has 235/75/r15 on them, looks really good and rides a bit better.



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