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Just finished it up (more or less) today. It's a 1975 Ranchero GT. Originally had a 351W and an FMX, a/c, etc. All had to go! I got rid of the a/c, heater, bench seat (in favor of late model buckets from a dodge stratus), carpet, etc. Outside of the car is bone stock. I built this car to have a quick sleeper that will get driven on the street occasionally. Got rid of everything in it to get the weight down. Started out weighin in at 4150 pounds, and I'm guessing it's around 3600 or so now.

I built a .060 over 302 and C4 for it with the following goodies:

KB .200 dome pistons
edelbrock performer heads
victor jr intake
crane cams 363801? cam
full roller rockers
Hughes 3000 stall converter
Summit brand 3 chamber mufflers
summit brand headers (1.5 inch primaries)
msd 6al

I also have a full manual shift kit, but the tranny wouldn't shift with it for some reason. I stuck a stock VB back in it till I figure out what I did wrong with the kit i put in it.

After driving it today, I'm thinking about getting rid of the victor jr intake in favor of a smaller single plane intake. The car is fairly lazy until around 3500 (which i expected, but i got helluva deal on the victor). I'm going to run it at the drags first tho to see how it runs.

Soon to come for the car is 150 shot!

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Welcome to the group...
Out of curiosity, why did you go with the 302? Considering the heft of the ranchero, I would of thought a 351 would of been better, but that's just my 2 cents.
If you are looking for ideas as far as lightening up the Ranchero, work on the front bumper inner support, there is an article on here about losing weight on a 73-75 torino I recall. Drilling holes, etc.
If your windsheild is pretty rough and you plan on replacing it, get a piece for a 77-79 ltd2/cougar. Been told by a few guys theyare a heck of a lot lighter.
As far as the intake, I had a rpm air gap on a mild 302 in my F150 , and that intake worked quite well for how I drive...but I was doing street and offroad.
All I remember is it ran like a raped ape after that intake got installed.

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I already hacked the front bumper up (inner portion of it). I took maybe 20 pounds out of it so far, but ran out of oxygen for the torch. More will be removed shortly.

Windshield is in perfect shape right now, but I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.

Why'd I go with the 302? I like little engines.
Everyone told me to go with a 351 or a 460....but what'd be the fun in that? Big engines make stuff go fast easily. I like a challenge!

Also, edelbrock air gap is in my list of possibilities, but I'm going to try out my current setup first. If it runs number I like, then I'll keep what I have. We shall see in a couple weeks...

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