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New to the forum, Let me introduce myself..

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Hi there all, My name is Pontus Andersson, From Sweden up north, 21 years old and spend my days as a Plumber.

I´m the proud owner of a 1965 Galaxie 500XL, 2Dr HT.

My car wont attract anyone who´s into the original kind of cars, My car is a replica of the late 1965/1966 #41 Curtis Turner Nascar Galaxie, And it´s under a constant "evolution" if that´s the frase to use..

So, From now on i will be around to bug you with my questions, As of because i am young and learning

I´m not that much into computers, So i´m sorry but i dont have a homepage about the project.

But i´ll be happy to present pictures of the car etc here, If someine would be so kind to help me with that.


//Pontus Andersson, Malmoe, Sweden..
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Welcome to FordMuscle

Fine choice of Gal's by the way
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Hello, and Welcome!

Please hold the line, and your post will be answered in the order in which it was received.

Please be patient, someone will be along shortly to assist you in your query.

Please hold the line, and your post will be answered in the order in which it was received.

God that was fun! I've alway's wanted to say those four things...

Welcome to the board!

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Thanks for the welcoming..
Looks like there´s atleast one joker here, Always good to know =)
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Welcome to the board. You can embed a picture of your car in your profile but I think that it has to be hosted somewhere else (mine is - and if I am wrong I am sure that someone will slap me around and give you better info). If you want to host more pictures/better resolution you can do one of a number of things - go to is one - another option (if you just want to host a couple of medium sized pictures) is send them to me and I will put them up for you and give you a link that you can reference.

Regardless - Welcome!

'65 Custom 2 Door Project Car

Remembering to live Coram Deo

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A Warm welcome to Sweden from Cologne in Germany.

No Problem with the Pics: Look at Registry Account and just manage you gallery - you can manage it easily!!

Glad to hear from you again!!

Oh my, It feels like coming home! And with that i mean that this looks to be a really nice forum, based on the welcoming!

I´ll try to get some pictures up, And a small summary of what´s happening with my project!

And hey, Fun to see other Europeans here, Germany is a place i have visited often, Both for buying cars, And the family has friends in Geldern!
Well i got a picture posted in my Profile, So for anyone interested, It´s there to be seen now!
Looks great and welcome to the forum!!

Nice Car! This is a friendly forum with lots of good info. Welcome aboard.
I´ll try get some info about the project up tonight, It takes some time when i have to translate everything into English.

And i am fully convinced that this is a great forum, I´ve never had this kind of friendly response anywhere else.

Hi "neighbour"!!!!

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On 2006-04-20 15:10, TommiFIN wrote:
Hi "neighbour"!!!!

Well you got that right!
Nice to see so many people from around the globe gathered at the same place, Almost like on Power Bigmeet in Våsterås
I guess TommieFIN will be present this summer?
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