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Just thought I'd drop a quick hello to everyone. I joined this site a while ago, but didn't do the intro.

I'm kind of new to the car owning game, proud owner of a 66 Fairlane 500 wagon. It's pretty much all original and unrestored, and in pretty good shape for 50 years. Its had a coat of paint at some point, and according to some paperwork that came with it, the original 289 has had a rebuild at some time.

No plans to do too much to it for now, just a weekend cruiser, however will be looking for a couple of things to do to increase drivabilty (and sound!) and squeeze out a bit more out of the old engine. At some time in the future, I'd like to rebuild it( as a learning/knowledge experience), in the mid term I'm thinking carby rebuild, extractors/exhaust to start.

The car is Kansas built and sold new by Hollywood Ford in January 66(still with original dealer book). Original matching (well date correct at least) 289W with C4 auto. It's had a respray at some point, but aside from that, its all very original.

Misc. bits of paperwork that came with it show the original owner sold it sometime in 2002, and it has spent all its life in California (still had original issue black/yellow plates) before arriving in Australia late in 2014.

As far as I know, its one of only 2 in Victoria, and I hope to meet up with the guy who owns the other one for some photos one day. (His is Sahara beige on blue interior)



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