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news story about smog sensors on the roadways

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says they will offer you a 1000 bux to crush it or make you fix it, says this new camera or sensor will send you a ticket in the mail. so looks like there may be alot of folks buying cheap cars, getting the smog pa$$ed
, then finding out where the sensors are and keep driving past till the cam sends you a ticket and earning a 1000!. but thats not what i want to know, i hear 66 and under are free of these smog laws thanks to swartzenegger. it used to be each year the law would allow one more year to not have to we got upto 74-5 then i hear the gov. turned it back. but i am not certain. and cant find any info on any gov sites..but i am probably looking in the wrong place. anyone know if this new sensor will apply to a 66? i know i dont have to smog it as is. its silly cause all the new cars do pollute but not nearly as much as in the past, the real problem and cancer causer is diesel trucks...and they have no laws that i know of! but they feed us right! its just silly. good thing for our health is hibrids and electric cars are becoming more prevelant, maybe they should make semi's like that.
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I've never seen or heard of one of these boxes........ what's with the $1,000 fine thing? What's the report here? I have my '83 F-250, it's a smog passer UNTIL i set the timing to make it run strong... then she's a GROSS POLLUTER... can't help myself... Run's like a 73 Vega 4cyl running on 3 cyl's when timed to pass smog....

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