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I am wondering if anyone has given any thought to the next generation of auotmatic transmission you will want to run.
There is a lot of call for more gears and overdrive to help with the hiway milage.
Mine would be the 5R55S from the '06 Mustang GT or the 5R100W. These are both 5 speed trannies with fifth gear being an overdrive. In addition to the five speeds I believe they incorporate a locking converter. The 5R55S is about the same position as the C4 was when it first came out. In the GT it is where the factory calls maximum duty. I see room for improvement even if it is computer controlled.
That 5R100W is taking over the job of the C6. it is in everything from the big luxury sedans to the F350 pickups running the big diesels. The small tranny is smaller on the inside than the C4 with a slightly longer case. I haven't seen the big tranny yet but I am going to be looking into these two and learning what I can to see where the modifications can be made and what has to be controlled by the computer.
OK, those are my choices for now - which ones would you pick?

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