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Hello again...

More hydraulic clutch probs

Well I was able to get the slave bled after extensive bleeding, I finally realized how to do it with a pop bottle filled with brake fluid, hooked up to the bleeder screw.

Now it seems as tho I'm not getting enough travel on the slave to fully disengage the clutch. I'm getting about 1" of travel at the slave? Does this sound right? When its in gear with the clutch in and when I bump it over it's trying to go in w/e direction I've got it in. Also, when in neutral with the clutch in I cannot get it into gear...

Here's what I'm using

CNC 711 - 3/4" master
CNC 305B 7/8" slave
Lakewood Bell 15202
Lakewood Clutch fork 15525
Centerforce N1439
Centerforce Dual Friction clutch DF700000
Mcleod Dual surface Clutch Disc
Tremec TKO-600 tranny

I'm not sure what the problem is but I've tried everything, all to no avail. I took the tranny back out and adjusted the pivot stud in the the scattershield. I've made it as long as possible and it just doesn't seem to be getting enough.

From the research that I've done it seems as tho I've got all my bases covered for parts etc???


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Call Centerforce and ask them how much travel is necessary to fully disengauge the clutch. Then take it from there. You have an adjustable pushron o nthe slave don't you?

You shouldn't need more thn 1.5" of travel to fully operate it I would think... Some clutches even less... Some possibly more...

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