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Nice '65 4 speed mustang 2+2 for sale ( 3 pics) look here

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if anybody would like to purchase this car I can ask the owner the price. just private message me. car is located in the bay area, Ca.

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On 2006-05-02 14:10, FEandGoingBroke wrote:
He obvoiusly wants too much....


judging by your previous posts of estimates on " what is my car worth " topics.....yes probably too much for your budget.

plus how many original 4 speed mustangs do you see around these days. its kinda rare

If you want to drive a nice old car, it ain't going to be cheap.

just trying to give F.M. members a first crack at owning a very sought after mustang. This car is not listed anywhere but is going on ebay soon and I'm sure it will sell for more than $27,000 ...................... its out of my budget otherwise I'd be driving it

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some specs on it:

a code mustang

fastback with a v-8 cid 4v

82,000 original miles on it. All stock down to the original carb.

front disc brakes

very clean and not a scratch on it anywhere. I saw this car last weekend and was very impressed on how clean it was.
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I encourage you to come see it in person. I would rather do a deal in person than over the internet and wouldn't expect anybody to send me a $30,000 check or money order without seeing the car. Let me know when you want to come out and I'll have it arranged if you are seriously thinking about purchasing a mustang.

secondly I wouldn't post a car here that wasn't top of the line or worth the money. I don't deal in junk and I wouldn't risk ruining my reputation on F.M. as a scam artist.

and on the flip side of the ebay comment it is also a great place to get a deal or an opportunity to own a rare piece of history. True there is alot of junk on ebay and that is why a buyer should do your due diligence and make sure this is the right purchase for you.

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sorry, must of misinterpreted what you were saying.

I just figured if somebody is going to drop that much on a vintage car they would spend a few extra bucks for a plane ticket to look in person or pay a car inspection company or an appraiser of your choice to verify the value .

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