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Nice '65 4 speed mustang 2+2 for sale ( 3 pics) look here

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if anybody would like to purchase this car I can ask the owner the price. just private message me. car is located in the bay area, Ca.

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I Would have to see it in person, Pictures hide alot and you would have to be crazy to spend that kind of money without driving it, climbing all over it and seeing it for real. Ebay is nice for cheap stuff but watch-out..... LMO
Wasn't implying that you where trying to sell junk, please don't take it that way. but with all the internet sales outlets alot of junk is being pushed by some scum bags to unsuspecting and uneducated buyers.

The car in the pictures looks great but like you said it would be wise for a potential buyer to come and see it and deal in person. it makes for a smoother and cleaner deal and your really seeing what you are getting.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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