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1969 Ranchero $2500.00
The time has come to sell my 69 Ranchero. The plan has been to fix it up some before putting it up for sale, but I'm listing it now in case anyone is looking for a project car.

Overall, this car is a driver, or a 20 footer. Looks nice going down the road and I get positive comments on it all the time, but it's never going to be a 100 point show car. Would be a great work truck, daily driver, or even a first car for a student.

I painted the car a few years ago. Completely stripped all the trim, repaired all the dents, etc. primed and blocked the whole car and sprayed it with Sikkens single stage eurethane. Also sprayed the bed with Duplicolor bedliner.

The interior needs some work. I installed some bucket seats, but still have the original bench seat (which needs to be recovered).

Engine is bone stock. 302, 2bbl, with a C4 trans. Dual exhaust with turbo mufflers. Sounds nice. Power steering, power brakes (disc front), air conditioning, A/M radio.

Not sure about the rear gears. I would guess 3.00 or 3.25.

Tires are almost new. 225/70/14 with an A/T tread. Suspension is stock with air shocks in the back.

Mileage is close to 100,000 original. I got the car from the second owner, who owned a tire shop on the western side of the state. The original owner was a land surveyor who had several of these cars and left one parked at each airport he none of them got used much.

About the only problems with the car is a very leaky power steering system, and some minor collision damage on the passenger side. There a little rust forming behind the wheels, but the floors and everything else are solid and virtually rust free.

This link leads to a complete photo set for the car:

__________________, Big Block Ford perfomance
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Please contact Carl directly, I just posted this for him.
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