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We finally got the ball joints, sway bar and idler arm bushings in the old Shotrod and boy what a difference!! I didn't realize how bad the idler arm bushings were until we got new ones in there. Now I can even tell I have a tire out of balance!
Took it into town friday after making some calls to find out who knows the old cars and got the alignment done. I got double lucky because the guy that did it drives an Old Ford himself. Not sure of the year but a 63 or so Ranchero.
He did an excellent job too. Couldn't really test it til I got almost home where the road was flat and the wind wasn't gusting 35-50mph like it had been earlier. It just kept going straight til I figured I should get hold of the wheel.

Poor guy started to look at the steering wheel to see if it was straight and I had to tell him that I had it on crooked so that wouldn't work.

The ball bearing idler arm bushings were sure nice to put in also after a lot of aggrivation trying to get the old bushings out!
Thanks immensely to 63ford406 for help in this also!!

As for the Johnboy, I'm not hurding the car between the ditches anymore like he did in that old pickup.

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Hey John Boy, whoops, Deb, Glad you got it done. Wasn't that hard now was it? Being that Don did most of the work. LOL. Now all you have to do is get Winfield to fix the side. LOL.
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