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well i am not sure if its 1/2 but it seems like it while rolling or under load, so i am thinking the rear end or tranny (c4).
but then it could be the engine as when i stay in 1st and go down hill and accelerate a bunch then let off so theres less load it makes a almost makes a harmonic constant sound, it seems almost like a vibration but it is low in sound.

this 5.0 is balanced but i am thinking it could be anything like the new balancer which is correct from summit so i dont think it is that but anything is possible.

my guess would be the rear end as it has been making other noises for at least a year, so its probably getting worse.

i know this description is sorta vague but your input on different sounds may enlighten me or remind me of things i have read in the past.

ps the old rear noise still made noise when coasting, this new sound seems to be under light load or higher rpms. i still need to do more tests!
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