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I had this noise coming from the front left when I applied the brakes. So I have new pads and a new caliper installed, and it brakes good and stops straight now, but I still get noise. So I assume it's a ball joint. I haven't been able to detect it so far. So I just jack up under the control arm and wiggly the tire like crazy right?

Other problem, but I haven't looked at it real close is what are those several other additional bolts there in the one photo? I can see:

1. Ball Joint
2. Shock
3. Sway bar

But it looks like several more bolts.

Click YouTube for full screen.

Bolt In Ball Joints - YouTube

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What kind of "noise". Anything on the front end can make a "noise". You didn't say that you replaced or had the rotor cut. Using a grooved rotor with new pads isn't the greatest thing. The bolts on each side of the ball joint are for the ball joint. ...other bolts on the lower arm are: shock, anti-sway bar end link, and I believe there is a bumper down there too.

Every thing on the front end can make a noise upon braking. When the nose dives due to braking any suspension part moves. Some things:

Wheel bearings
ball joints
control arm bushings
spring seats
sway bar bushing and links (probably not so much)
loose wheel lugs
Tie rods
I have heard tires "squeak" on their rims also

If something is loose or worn, when you change the direction of force, from acceleration to braking/deceleration, it can make a noise.

Are you mistakenly hearing the plunger making a squeaking or sucking noise in the master cylinder?

Just some thoughts/ideas.

Good luck!

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Noise - like clunk, a squeak, a rattle? As for the other problem, which you describe as too many bolts.. . just take out the extras.
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