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Non Ford Steering Wheel

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I need a nice steering wheel to go on a nice !959 Plymouth Fury H/T. My Hollander Interchange Manual shows that most Mopar cars will fit (bolt-on) to the steering shaft from 1957 thru 1964.

Have tried Hemmings and places found on Google without any sucess. Also watching E-Bay.

If anyone can help me locate one in a bone yard or anyplace else, it will be greatly appreciated.
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do you need a stock wheel? why not go with aftermarket, something from Grant may work well and I'm sure they have adapters to fit your column
I am really loking for a stock looking wheel. The car is a stock restro, and an aftermarket wheel just wouldn't look right.

Anyone know of a Plymouth Forum that I can go to.?


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Hey Ray,
Give these guys a call and see if they can hook you up. Memory Lane 818 504 3341 They are here in Southern Ca.
Good luck,
Ras Daniel
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