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NOS Ford 427 Parts. I'm selling for a friend. Pictures available upon request. All of these parts were bought directly from Ford for a build that never happened.

Block: NOS 427 Side Oiler ribbed service block. C8AZ-G 427 HP. Cast 2L25 (Nov. 25, 1972). Machined for hydraulic lifters. Never run or assembled. It sat in a garage since it was purchased, and still have part of the cardboard it was wrapped in with the part number. Has all factory markings still on the block. At some point it did get some water inside the bag, and slightly rusted a few cylinders. My machine shop cleaned them up to remove surface rust, but said that it would need to be honed about .003-.005 to remove some slight pitting to be perfect. He also said he would not hesitate to run it like it is on a street engine. No other damage and is in perfect condition.

Crank: NOS 427 cross drilled steel crank. C5AZ-6303-C. Perfect condition, just needs a polish and its ready to run, no rust. The box it was in didnt make the move, but still have the end with the part number on it. Crank still has the cardboard wrapped around the snout from the factory.

Rods: NOS 427 LeMans rods. C9ZZ-6200-A on boxes, C6AE-E on rods. All 8 rods new in their original boxes. Slight surface rust on a few, but all bearing surfaces are clean.

They would prefer to sell it as a package, but will take offers on individual pieces.
$5500.00 or make an offer.
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