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I have a few shelves full of parts. Mostly 65/66 stuff that I’d like to get rid of and make some room. I’ll be very reasonable with my pricing and help in any way I can. Off the top of my head some of the bigger items I have are:
Rear bumper (new)

Drive and pass. Doors complete with all glass and can toss in the door panels and window cranks

Deck lid (fastback)

Complete quarter panels. From the sail panel roof to tail lights. Even have inner quarters attached. They were cut correctly and in greasy shape.

Box full of window cranks and door handles

Mirrors driver

Boxes of random parts

Front and rear Bench seats complete

2 center consoles complete with auto shifters. And side trim.

66 gauge bezel with all heater and wiper switches and radio.

A few grills XL and 500

I will do some trading on a complete dash or bucket seats or engine stuff. Just pm me for what you’re looking for and I will see if I have it. I have some trim too but not a lot.


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