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NWC T5 What to do now?

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I bought a t5 off craig's list from a guy in Sacramento. He said it was from a 90 Gt but needed to be rebuilt caust it would pop out of gear. I picked it up for $100 +shipping so I thought is was a good deal because I want to learn how to rebuild them

So it arrives today and it's obviously not a 90' trans, it is a Non world class trans but it is a V8 trans, So im a little pissed because it's basically worthless and I don't even know if I should bother rebuilding it. It definitely needs rebuilding, the input shaft wobbles around and the bearing retainer is junk

I'll open it up anyway and part it out I guess, I don't know. The tag was missing but I failed to ask him about the bearing cap in the front of the trans, sure enough there is no bearing, just a metal plug.

Does anyone know the difference between the WC and NWC t5's? I know the needle bearings are non-existent but would it even be worth rebuilding or being used for learning how to rebuld one? My intention was to tear it down and rebuild it if it were a WC that way if the T5 in my car ever went bad I could deal with it myself.
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My '83 NWC T-5 is holding up just fine behind my 347.
Did 8 passes at the strip last fall. Only got down to a 12.8 do to traction problems but i've been running it on the street with
a 347 for 3 years. Maybe the traction problems are what's keeping the T-5 alive??? I wouldn't say they are junk.
hmmm, well everyone seems to give the impression that only WC T5's are worth anything. I know they share the same case, tailhousing, and cover. I don't know anything about the internals though, like whether or not the gears and cluster shaft are the same.

I will tear it apart anyway to get a good look inside, if it was popping out of 4th then something must be wrong, but who knows it could be anything.
Check out the tech articles section ... Transmissions ... there are several good articles that talk about T-5's, what can be done to upgrade them, which make good candidates and which when to cut your losses.
Also read this article, it explains the NWC / WC difference.

Basically it is not as strong as a WC, but for $100 you may as well run it til it breaks.
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