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One step ahead, three steps back...

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I was finally able to get the ECM to flash error codes by grounding the STI. Nothing else would start the self testing and diagnosis of the EEC IV system. Here's what I got....

The key on, engine off gave:

22-MAP/BP sensor out of test range
23-Closed throttle TPS voltage higher or lower than expected
34-PFE/EVP circuit above closed limit of 0.67 volts
51-ECT sensor signal greater than self test max of 4.6 volts
54-ACT sensor signal greater than self test max of 4.6 volts
67-Neutral safety citciut failure

CM gave:

35- PGE or EVP circuit has intermit. failed above max 4.81 V.
53-TPS circuit intermit. failed above max 4.5 volts.
61-ECT sensor intermit failed below 0.2 volts.
63-TPS circuit has intermit failed below min 0.6 volts
96-Fuel pump secondary circuit failure; EEC didn't sense battery voltage.

EEC would not run engine running test. I replaced TPS, ACT, EGR position sensor, MAP/BP sensor, spark plugs.

RESULT: No changes. Exactly the same codes and car still runs rough, irratic, sputters, searches for idle and eventually stalls.

Is the ECM shot or am I missing something obvious? This is soooo FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!

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I believe you guy's have fusib;e link and ground issues for the computers! Ensure you clean ALL grounds to frame and block and chassis. There is no way that that many sensors can go bad at the same time. It's just NOT happening.. If the grounds are all set, shoot all your electrical plugs with WD-40 then re-connect them, then disconnect battery cycle the key. Hook up the battery, run the KOEO test and re-check all values, then try another KOER test.

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