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I'm about to begin a total rebuild of a '68 fastback I've had for 10 years, sitting in the garage for 5. The builder helping me with the build wants me to figure out what I want the car to be able to do, so that we can make all the components match and work together, rather than a giant motor with nothing to back it up. After thought, I want the car to be capable of 11-11.99 seconds in the 1/4, while still pleasant (enough) to drive on the highway (and in the mountains in Colorado). Fuel economy is not a huge concern, it will be a fun car for nice days, not a daily driver.

I'm looking for opinions on drivetrain combinations, specifically horsepower levels, gear ratios, and experience with stroker motors, specifically the 331/347/363/408/427. Car currently has an stock '85 roller motor short block that I put AFR 165 heads on, Mass-Flo EFI w/Victor Jr Intake, FPA stepped headers. My builder says we can use several of those parts, including my Griffin radiator, March pulleys, and Old Air A/C, build a 331 and that I'd be very happy with the car as a driver; in particular, he says the 165 heads will make a street 331 that will be a lot of fun to drive because of where it makes its torque. Problem is, I've had my heart set on the 351w stroked 427 (only for the sake of having BB cubes in a SB) which would mean ditching all those parts.

I've always heard going north of 500 hp in these cars requires bracing and tubbing; I'm looking for a setup that doesn't seem too unnatural in what a 67-68 was build to handle. From the guys who've had stroker motors, which combinations were your favorite - seemed to fit the 67-68 Mustang well without having to modify the car too much? Any of them stand out as much better than the others, in terms of reliability and drivability? I see lots of incredible cars that might be called "overbuilt" and I wonder if they're actually fun to drive, even though they've got all the biggest/best/most expensive parts.

Sorry for the long post, thanks for the opinions.
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