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I have an unbored '95 351w truck roller block I am going to use to build a stoker for my '64 Fairlane. I want as many cubes as is reasonably practical considering this is a factory block. I would like your opinions on the following:

1. What is the most reasonable stroke without jeopardizing main cap stability and piston stability? I am leaning toward 4.10 if I don't bore more than .040 over (4.040). I am also considering using a stud girdle.

2. What is the largest bore without compromising cylinder integrity and spacing? My machinist doesn't like the idea of going .060 over, but apparently it is done regularly without issues? I could use a 4.00 stroke with this bore and hit my target area. I'm a little concern about going over 4.00 stroke because of rod clearance and piston skirt stability issues, but maybe I'm over concerned?

I would love to reach 427 cubes, which can be done with a .040 over bore and 4.17 stroke, but is that a little too much stroke for a stock block? This will be a street driven car with little racing and I would like some longevity and dependability as it will be driven to car shows all around the region.

Please give me your experiences with these combinations.

Thank you!
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