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Orange County, CA Transmission shop

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I've been lurking like mad on this forum and have found it to be an incredible resource, thank you to all of you who have posted technical info.

I am currently rebuilding a case fill C4 from a '67 Mustang (I think) to put in my '67 Galaxy. I am stuck on two counts:

1. I can't find anything to compress the clutch spring so I can get the snap ring on. The Haynes manual shows a couple of C-clamps but none of the 10 clamps I own worked for me. Is there an easy way to do this outside of the $180 spring compressors I've seen online?

2. I have replaced all of the bushings except the one in the pump using care and sockets. Would it be easier for me to take this to a transmission shop and have them press it in?

That said, should I just take these parts to a shop? Does anybody know of a good transmission shop in the OC where I could get these two items taken care of or could any shop do it for me?
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Here you go.Another tip if you have access to a drill press you can use it as a press for the bushes and to compress that spring..
A shop mate work bench can be used as well.
Wow, I'm clearly not being inventive enough here. I like the spring compressor idea, I think I might be able to use a brake piston compressor for that with some modifications. I don't have a drill press or a shop mate and the main problem with putting that bushing in is that it's about more than 1.5" in diameter and you need something nearly the exact OD and I don't have a lathe to turn some aluminum down to the right size.
I put mine in a big vice using a couple of sockets at the 9 oclock and 3 oclock positions as the spacers worked great!
For the 1 1/2 inch diameter get a piece of 1 1/2 pvc pipe. stronger then you think and won't damage the harder metel.
If you have a floor jack you can press the bushing in using the car frame.
A drill press will work in a pinch.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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