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Oven for cleaning????

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Has anyone tried to use a electric oven with some oven degreaser on parts for cleaning purposes? I'm thinking it would do a great job on parts? Maybe put it on the top rack while the wife is baking cookies?

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I use cheap dollar store oven cleaner on a lot of things, it makes a good degreaser.
only if you what to have her kill you. Just use the oven cleaner for a cold oven. works good. and wear gloves
Oven cleaner is FLAMMABLE! all sorts of nasty solvents in it. I wouldn't recommend putting it near an oven thats on.
The cheap oven cleaner also works great to remove annodizing from aluminum parts so they can be polished. The really cheap stuff from the $.99 store works best, the $5 a can from the regular store doesn't work well at all.
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