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Ok folks, part two on questions on installing a 427 Ram Air hood on my ’66 Fairlane. See the pictures; I have attached the hood loosely onto the hinges. Crites pre-drilled and tapped the hood mounting holes. I am maneuvering it around to get the best alignment. I removed the carburetor so the plenum under the hood won’t hit anything. I decided to see how the hood squares up within the fenders and cowl before I cut my hole in the plenum for the air cleaner. With the hood bolted to the hinges and having the sides parallel to the fender edges the hood is overlapping the cowl by at least 1/4” and since there should be a gap between the hood edge and the cowl edge I’d say it’s off by 3/8”-1/2” total. Here is a description of each corner with the hood edges parallel to the fenders and the hood pulled front where the bolts are against the end of the adjusting slots on the hinges.

RF – hood edges is about 1/4”-3/8” behind the edge of fender
RR – hood is overlapping the cowl as described
LF – best corner, aligns nicely
LR – hood overlaps cowl by 1/16”-1/8”

Any ideas or experiences to help get this aligned? I may have to reslot the hinges if the tapped holes are that bad off?

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