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For Sale:
C4 linkage, V8 throttle linkage from gas pedal to carb.
Trans mount
V8 motor mounts
V8 springs
5 original 14X6 5 lug wheels
Rebuilt Eaton PS pump and bracket,
V8 brake backing plates and brake hardware,
Repro low mile 3-row radiator fits 65-66 Mustang and 64-65 Falcon Comet Ranchero,
2.80 open 8" rear-end,
65 4 door glass in good condition; front/rear windshield (FREE)
65 Comet sedan interior parts; dash trim, Caliente 4 door trim and bench seats, glove box door/trim and AM radio,.
Body parts are also available; rocker panels, aprons, shock towers, rad support, torque boxes and floor sections.

Parts are in Southern California, contact me for prices and details. Thanks!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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