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I have to start the money pump going on the Falcon project again.

Im selling off the old combos parts here.

I have quite a bit of stuff that I dont need anymore.

I thought I would post it here before it goes to E-Bay.

Here is a short list of parts for sale.

I have pictures of it all,e-mail me if your interested in anything.

Thanks guys.....and gals.

1.1970 Boss 302 "shortblock" all redone with top quality work and parts!

.030 over Boss 302 4-Bolt 1970 part number block.Block was shotblasted and painted Ford blue.

Boss 302 forged steel crank turned 0.10-0.10 and polished.

Boss 302 connecting rods with ARP wave lock rod bolts.

Speed Pro replacement Boss 302 pistons 0.30 have 11.3 to 1 comp ratio with 58cc Boss 302 heads.

Factory Boss 302 windage tray

All balanced assembly with Fluidamper balancer.

New B&M flexplate included.

All new bearings installed.

No cam included.

Speed Pro file fit rings gapped for small nitrous shot(150 hp)

$1650.00 for shortblock

Pending sale item. cylinder heads...

2.Aussie 302-C heads.

Aussie 302-C heads(cleavland size) with all new parts and heavy flow work.

2.10 intake 1.71 exhuast stainless valves
Milled and machined for pushrod plates and screw in studs.

Heads were converted for use on small block Ford 289-302 engines.

Short turn radius intake and exhaust flow work with intake and exhaust gasket port match.

57cc combustion chambers

All new double Crane valve springs set for max lift of .620

Lots of time and work in these heads,they are done right.

$1200.00 for pair

This sale is pending as of right now,if interested I will advise when pending sale date ends in three weeks.

3.Tubular Automotive "Hybrid" Aussie Boss 302 custom order headers.

Full leanth headers 1 7/8 tubes for small compact Ford or Mercury and above engine and head combo.

New in box never run,headers two pipes cross under oil pan and trade sides with the other.

Pics available on request of motor set up with these headers.

These are also part of the pending cylinder head sale,e-mail or relpy if interested.

Headers were set up custom order to run with Aussie 302-C heads on 289-302 Ford small blocks.

$275.00 complete set new in box.

4.Full roller rockers for Boss 302-351-C and 429-460 Ford engines.

Dove enginering Full fulcrum and tip rollers.

1.73 ratio perfect condition only run 200 miles.

Nice heavy duty rollers that will hold up under alot of power.

$125.00 set of 16 SOLD-SOLD-SOLD

5.Brand new 289-302 Pete Jackson gear drive.

New in box with quiet gear cut.

$150.00 one three piece assembly.

6.35 spline Moser spool for 9-inch Ford axle.

Brand new 35 spline full size spool.

$100.00 new never run.

7. TCI "Street Fighter" 10" converter

Fits C-4 trans with 1.375 crank pilot big bolt pattern.

Stalls around 1500 rpm over stock.

$150.00 used 200 miles works great!

8.750 Barry Grant "Sport Claw" carb.

750 CFM mech. secondary carb.

Old style design,looks like Holley new in box all paperwork included.

$350.00 for carb.

More parts for sale,will add more later either here or in classifieds if fixed by then.

Parts that are left will be on E-Bay in three weeks.


1995 F-350 XLT SuperCab DRW 460 EFI 2x4~~1991 Mustang GT 5.0 5-speed

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Dark, Kent is buying the rollers so they are sold already.

But, Im telling you that brand new gear drive is a smoking deal dude!

Its selling for $219 at Jegs so you would be saving a great deal of money buying mine?

My loss your $70 gain?


1995 F-350 XLT SuperCab DRW 460 EFI 2x4~~1991 Mustang GT 5.0 5-speed

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Sorry Dark7068, I needed the rockers for my solid roller 466 and my other Crane Energizer roller rockers aren't strong enought to handle the stress and they are on e-bay already and will end tomorrow.

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VDO brand new 3 1/2" 160 speedometers!

Cable drive with trip reset new in box.

$25.00 each,12 available

VDO brand new 3 1/2" 160 speedometers!

Elecrtic sensor pick up with digital odometer and trip counter.

Electric magetic pick up not included,but available through VDO.Part number of pick up is listed in speedometer instructions.

Made for in dash apps,but could run in suitable mounting cup or pod.

$40.00 each,4 available

Great edition to race car,street rod or Cobra kit.


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Boss 302/Boss 351 factory finned aluminum valve covers.

The are the ones pictured on the Aussie Hybrid Boss 302 motor a couple post up from this one.

They are perfect in condition,natural finish.

They are off a 351 Boss motor originally,but are the same cover the Boss 302s used from the factory.

$195.00 for the pair,remember they are originals that would be correct for a factory restoration.

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1995 F-350 Super-Cab Dually.

XLT package with all power options.

Has the bench seat set up in the Super-Cab extension so it it folds down flat back there.

Factory CD stereo with premium sound system upgrade.

7.5 liter 460 CID with auto overdrive trans.

Silver metal flake exterior with Grey cloth interior with high back slit bench and fold down console.

New Flowmaster 3" exhuast and Yokahama Geolander AT IIs tires all around.

10,000 lb. GVW with factory tow package and electric brake controller.

Very very well kept up truck in pefect mechical running condition.

97,000 miles on truck

Includes color matched cap and Lund visor.

$9995.00 F-350 SC DRW.


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I'm likin' the stang but the wife would kick my ass with one more vehicle in the driveway. I need a driver again. All I have right now is work trucks and my hot rod. Talk my wife into it will ya?

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i'm kinda curious about that TQ conv.
how would it affect the ride on a 74 302 w/ headers, intake manifold, and a carb.
i'm getting my c4 rebuilt with a shift kit after feb 7th. also putting 3.55 gears in the 8inch. i could spend another $150 for a TC if it would make the car quicker.
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